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The Ultimate Soapmaking Experience.

No Mess. No Clutter. No Problem.

It is no secret that the quality of the products you create is connected to the quality of the tools you use. Our revolutionary soapmaking tools bring together cutting-edge design, superior materials, and precision manufacturing, in order to deliver the most rewarding soapmaking experience you have ever had...guaranteed.

Raise the value of your handmade soap using the tools that are built to last,

easy to use, a cinch to clean, and join the soapmaking revolution!

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Uncompromising design and craftmanship

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Sets a new standard for durability and precision

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Built from medical grade 316 stainless steel

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No clutter

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Easy to use

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A cinch to clean

"I believe that handmade soap is the foundation of is the first step of fundamental skincare. The high-polished look of skincare products can only be achieved with superior tools. I made my tools to give your products a more polished upscale look, which will directly translate to more money in your pocket!"

 LICHING LIU, The Soap Tools Lady


Discover how our revolutionary soapmaking tools will raise the value of your handmade soap, while reducing cleanup to only a fraction of the time.

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It's Time to Raise The Value of Your Handmade Soap!




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What Makes Our Tools So Special?

It's All About the Design & Materials.

These revolutionary soap tools were born out of a passion for precision and industrial design. Enjoy the ease of superior craftmanship for yourself, instantly raise the value of your handmade soaps and join the soapmaking revolution!

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Effortless "bladeless" cutting

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Smooth finish

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Easy to clean - dishwasher safe

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Unparalleled results

  • Why is cosmetic-grade polish important for my brand?
    A higher end cosmetic-grade polish will instantly raise the value of your handmade soap products, which will not only feel more rewarding to you as a soapmaker, but will command a higher price in the market and make your business more profitable. You deserve to be rewarded for your valuable time and hard work to create superior products, this is why LiluSoap Tools were created.
  • Why Stainless Steel?
    1. Stainless steel has no pores at all, therefore it is free from contamination such as scents and any other particles that you would not want to transfer from previous usage. If your products are particularly made for SENSITIVE skins, stainless steel tools are your only option. 2. We only use medical grade stainless steel for all our products. They can be cleaned by being soaked in water or washed in a dishwasher.
  • Why should I invest in professional quality?
    All our products are completely made of heavy-duty 1/16″ of medical-grade 316 and 304 stainless steel. They are invented and engineered by our creative team. Every single item is precisely fabricated by the most advanced laser machine and CNC router. They are built to last, easy to use and a cinch to clean. The efficiency, beauty and durability of the construction are well worth the investment.
  • What are the differences between 3mm and 5mm bevel size?
    It depends on what kind of look you prefer for your soap: subtle or pronounced 3D look. Most soapers use 3mm for half or sample bars and 5mm for bigger or full bars. According to our sales record, 3mm seems more appealing to ladies than gentlemen and most gentlemen prefer 5mm. Our bevel size is consistent every time all the time.
  • Are the strings on your soap cutter removable?
    Yes, they are removable. Our cutter cut 1″ bars when all strings are fully installed. However, you can remove strings for cutting 2″, 3″, 4″… bars with 1″ increment. Tip: you can remove the second string to use it like a single string cutter to cut any sizes that you want.
  • Can I sharpen the trimming element on your "bladless" trimmer or planer?"
    Yes, you can, but you do not need to do it for years to come. Our “bladeless” trimmers are one-piece constructions. They stay sharp for many years. However, if you wish to sharpen the trimming element in the future, simply use a diamond-coated nail file to sharpen it with horizontal motions. PLEASE NOTE that the trimming element is a very intricate structure created by a CNC router. Please consult with us for instruction before you try to sharpen it.
  • Do your soap molds come with liners?
    Yes, all our soap molds come with PVC linings that are reusable for many times, You can use any types of linings if you need to replace them later.
  • Why don't you sell slab molds?
    We do not need to… because all our interlocked soap molds can be CONVERTED to varied sizes of slab molds! Here are two simple steps: 1) Only assemble four pieces of panel on the silicone mat to form a box. 2) Use a piece of “freezer paper” to make a box and put it into the mold. Voila! You have a slab mold!
  • How to clean it?
    It is a cinch to clean our cutter! You can simply spray it with water, soak it in water or even put it in a dishwasher for a quick rinse. It is made of medical-grade 316 stainless steel. It will never rust no matter how you clean it.
  • Can I use your trimmers to trim sea salt soaps?
    Although the stainless steel we used for our trimming products is very durable, sea salt in the soaps WILL damage the smoothness of the trimming element.
  • What container works the best with your trimmers?
    We have found the best container to work with our trimmers is a fiberglass dough proofing box- 16″ x 30″ x 2-7/8″ from any restaurant equipment suppliers. You simply hook our trimmer on the edge of the box and effortlessly plane or bevel without worrying about making a mess on your table. At the same time, it has plenty space to collect all the trimmings.

Sarah T.

My LiluSoap planer/beveler saved me so much time and makes my soap look great. Worth every penny and highly recommended.


Denise M.

What I like most about this is that it’s E-Z to wash. The quality is their medical-grade stainless steel. I have to be able to wash down all my equipment after each use, and this cutter makes it E-Z. It’s a beautiful piece of equipment - it looks like art! Like my soaps, I like quality soaps along with quality equipment.


James J.

My best and most professional soaping tool. I bought three soap bevelers/planers before I found this one. It’s the most expensive one but the best by far. I’d buy another if anything happens to it which, as tough as it is, could only be someone taking it from me. I can’t recommend it highly enough.











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